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Active Kids, Active Schools

Activate! Queensland aims to increase physical activity opportunities in schools for students and surrounding communities.

What we want to achieve

Activate! Queensland will:

  • increase support for the delivery of physical activity opportunities across school and early childhood settings
  • increase levels of physical activity and improve physical literacy in school-aged children
  • see partnerships formed to enable community access to school facilities
  • develop schools to become active community hubs, ensuring students have access to quality facilities and participation opportunities.

How we are taking action

Over the next 10 years, we will work in partnership with the Department of Education to enhance the physical activity opportunities in schools:

  • prioritise enhancement of sport and recreation infrastructure
  • increase the use of school facilities by the community
  • support schools to deliver better physical activity opportunities.

The Community Use of Schools initiative will:

  • open schools for community use outside of school hours, turning them into active community hubs, by delivering targeted, place-based school infrastructure solutions
  • see completion of 4 current pilot projects, with each one forming a partnership with a local sporting organisation to coordinate activities
  • deliver new infrastructure projects.

We will work with schools and parent and citizens associations to identify suitable opportunities and facilities, noting that this initiative may not be appropriate for all schools.

Stay informed

Last updated: 09 Jul 2021