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Accessible tourism

Supporting accessible tourism infrastructure and business capability in Queensland.

Accessible and inclusive tourism is the ongoing endeavour to ensure people of all ages and abilities can participate in tourism experiences with choice and confidence. This means creating a welcoming environment and visitor experience that everyone can access and enjoy to the fullest.

People with access requirements include parents with young children in prams, seniors with mobility requirements and people with permanent or temporary disabilities and extends beyond visible physical disabilities. Their access requirements may include physical/mobility, sensory, intellectual or neurological disabilities.

Towards Tourism 2032 identifies as a priority objective a Queensland tourism environment that is balanced for accessibility. As well as inclusivity and accessibility being a social responsibility, Towards Tourism 2023 recognises the enormous untapped potential of accessible tourism.

According to Tourism Research Australia, the potential of this sector is approximately $735 million per annum or $1.8 billion per annum when including a travel party.

In recognition of the importance of accessible tourism, 2023 has been declared the Year of Accessible Tourism in Queensland and is an important opportunity to ignite change and support the Queensland tourism industry better cater to visitors of all abilities and provide greater destination experiences for all holidaymakers in Queensland.

Last updated: 03 Nov 2022