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Concluded projects

As part of Minjerribah Futures, and the North Stradbroke Island Economic Transition Strategy that preceded it, several projects have been concluded including:

  • Eco-tourism site identification study
  • Public transport study
  • Peel Island (Teerk Roo Ra) access project
  • Indigenous Business Development Fund
  • School camps and tertiary research.

Eco-tourism site identification study

A report outlining the demand and justification for eco-tourism accommodation was submitted to the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport (DTIS) and finalised in October 2019, and presented to the Quandamooka Land and Sea Committee and Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) Board for consideration.

QYAC is committed to ecological and cultural sustainability as the primary requirement for tourism on Quandamooka Country, ensuring that sustainable tourism should be in harmony with the rights and values of Traditional Owners.  This underpins the commitment to ecocultural tourism as a pro-active approach to the protection, preservation and promotion of the natural and cultural resources which constitute the attractions of Quandamooka Country.

For further information about QYAC’s sustainable tourism strategy, visit the Gudjundabu Marumba Gubiyiyanya – five year strategy for sustainable tourism on Quandamooka Country (PDF, 2.5MB) on QYAC’s website.

Public transport study

The Queensland Government’s Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) conducted the North Stradbroke Island Public Transport Study in 2019.

Public consultation on the draft study was undertaken in 2020.

The study investigated existing public transport infrastructure, services and connections on the island and to the neighbouring mainland including ferry, bus, rail, taxi and personalised transport. It also investigated more sustainable travel options to improve commuting and visitor access.

TMR subsequently developed the Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) Public Transport Strategy and successfully completed public consultation for the draft strategy.  Its finalisation is subject to government consideration.

TMR is continuing its efforts to improve transport connectivity and services for the island.

Peel Island (Teerk Roo Ra) access project

This project evaluated the feasibility of alternative options to access Peel Island (Teerk Roo Ra).

Options included: jetties, pontoons, upgraded causeways, beach landing ramps and breakwaters across the island.

An independent preliminary options report produced by Kellogg Brown & Root revealed extensive technical, environmental, regulatory and financial constraints associated with construction and maintenance of all the access options investigated.

Based on this report, Peel Island access will remain unchanged at this stage.

Indigenous Business Development Fund

Administered by the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) the Indigenous Business Development Fund provided funding towards the establishment of Quandamooka majority-owned business ventures on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island).

The funding provided helped to deliver 6 new business ventures. One of those ventures, Yalingbila Tours, made history in 2019 as Australia's first Aboriginal owned and operated whale watching tours.

The fund supported ventures that could:

  • improve availability and quality of goods and services to the island community
  • provide sustainable employment, career and skills development to the local community
  • assist vulnerable community groups (such as elderly, women and youth)
  • contribute to the well-being of the local community
  • advance the strategic priorities of the Quandamooka people
  • advance eco-cultural sustainability for the island.

The successful ventures were:

Djara-QPublication of Quandamooka stories
QYACDevelopmental Beche de Mer Fishery
Straddie BeachwormsCommercial beach worm operation
Salt Water Murris Digital printing of commercial art products
Dylan PerryCommercial oyster operation
Quandamooka CoastCommercial tour operation (including sea based whale watching Yalingbila Tours)

School camps and tertiary research

This research initiative explored expanding the market for school camps, field studies and tertiary research on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island).

Given interdependencies with other projects, the research report’s recommendations have not been implemented at this point in time, however they will be used to help inform future work.

Last updated: 14 Jul 2023