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Minjerribah Ganaba

Project overview

Led by Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC), the project seeks to:

  • establish facilities that support and enable positive learning exchanges
  • increase skills and capacities of Quandamooka people and residents on the island
  • bring together learners, providers, community members and local businesses
  • produce high-quality learning materials and activities drawing on the island's physical, social, cultural and ecological history and current context
  • develop education and training as an economic activity by coordinating, delivering and promoting the island as a destination for education and training to attract education focused visitors.

To deliver this training, QYAC is working with the Queensland Government's Department of Employment, Small Business and Training and the University of Queensland.

The guiding principle will be to build respect for and recognition of Quandamooka custodianship, language and culture.

Current operations

Minjerribah Ganaba delivers training in:

  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Event management
  • Business
  • Digital engagement
  • Marine and land management and rehabilitation
  • And much more!

To see what courses are currently on offer visit the QYAC website

Facility refurbishment

QYAC has refurbished the old secondary school campus in Gumpi (Dunwich) to provide a modern venue for education, training and employment on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island).

Minjerribah Ganaba has a variety of flexible spaces: five large seminar rooms, commercial training kitchen, meeting spaces, amenities, indoor and outdoor workshop spaces and studios, and shared spaces for gathering and performance including a covered outdoor ceremonial space and fire pit.

Quandamooka Elders have a meeting room, Quandamooka artists have indoor and outdoor weaving areas and studios, and there are dedicated cultural heritage conservation, exhibition and storage spaces. There is also a Jandai Language Centre and workshops to revive traditions such as the carving of canoes and other art forms.

Designed by Reddog Architects, the refurbishment was managed by the Queensland Government's Department of Energy and Public Works on behalf of QYAC.


  • Create new education, employment and training centre

  • Grow education and training opportunities on the island

  • Stimulate local business development and growth

Last updated: 03 Dec 2020