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Visitor research survey

Project overview

To successfully grow our tourism sector while preserving the island’s pristine environment, we need to understand why visitors choose to visit and return to the island.

Our Visitor Research Program aims to provide tourism organisations, operators and others associated with tourism on the island with a clear understanding about visitor expectations and behaviour.

The project is overseen by the University of Queensland and includes research into:

  • why visitors come to Minjerribah
  • the activities they enjoy
  • their spending habits
  • travel needs
  • marketing influences.

This information will help with the development of products, services and marketing activities tailored to meet visitor expectations and attract more business to the island.

The studies will also inform future investment in tourism infrastructure and development of a comprehensive marketing strategy for the island.

Research report

The first and second of three reports to be prepared by the University of Queensland as part of the research program have been finalised:

The third and final study is scheduled to commence in late 2020, with the report expected to be finalised in 2021.


  • Improve understanding of current visitor market

  • Improve understanding of potential visitor market

  • Provide advice for targeted marketing and visitor experience development

Last updated: 23 May 2022