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Our Country Advisory Service

The Our Country Advisory Service (OCAS) provides targeted support, advice, toolkits and voice to emerging and established Indigenous tourism operators, sectoral aligned businesses, and community owned organisations.

The service helps businesses to establish and grow their tourism products and services, so they can expand the tourism sector and create new jobs.

The OCAS is delivered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples employed by the department to provide one-on-one culturally trusted engagement with the tourism sector, so businesses and aspiring enterprises can identify their tourism commercial offering and focus in on business establishment and grow through consumer uptake.

Our dedicated Indigenous Tourism Business Development Officers in Cairns, Hervey Bay and Brisbane have been critical during the initial response to COVID-19 through expediting access to support, providing advice on ways to pivot businesses and identified identifying industry mobilisation opportunities.

The OCAS has supported more than 200 Indigenous businesses through guidance and referral pathways, and assisted more than 130 businesses to grow and progress through the discovery phase.

More information

Email to access the service.

Last updated: 26 May 2022