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Talaroo Hot Springs

Project overview

Talaroo Hot Springs has officially opened and is now welcoming visitors for an exciting and unique Indigenous Tourism experience.

The Talaroo Hot Springs experience combines the hospitality and culture of the Ewamian People with one of North Queensland’s most amazing geological wonders. Offering guided tours of the spectacular landscape, there’s opportunities to experience the healing waters of the Hot Springs or spot various wildlife on walks to the nearby Einasleigh River.

The 65 million year old Hot Springs are rich in substantial ecological, hydrological and geological significance. Rainfall from 20,000 years ago discharged from the springs as hot water then travelled down the super-heated rocks and pushed through to the surface.

The infrastructure at Talaroo is predicted to help attract many more visitors to the region and includes:

  • short stay camping and caravan/RV sites
  • hot Spring boardwalks and viewing decks
  • geothermal swimming pool and private soaking pools
  • campground amenities.

Construction of the tourism infrastructure supported 15 construction jobs and seven operational jobs. It is estimated the Talaroo Hot Springs will generate an economic benefit of $1.7 million per year and attract 7,000 visitors annually.


  • Increasing annual tourism numbers by 7,000

  • Creation of approximately 15 construction jobs and 7 operational jobs

  • Grow the local economy by $1.7 million each year

Last updated: 06 Jul 2022