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Dinosaur Dreaming Trail

Project overview

Visitors can tour through dinosaur sites in Outback Queensland and engage with Australian Aboriginal culture. With our support, Winton's North Gregory Hotel and Barcaldine’s Desert Dreaming Centre has a host of new facilities to complement the trail, including:

  • Koa Theatre
  • Gidgee Cooker
  • Artesian Spa
  • Corroboree Tent
  • Boomerang Stage
  • Yarning Circle
  • Dino Digs.

Koa Theatre

Named after the Traditional Owners of the area, the Koa Theatre will feature live music, productions, dance festivals, master classes and film screenings.

Gidgee Cooker

Fuelled with gidgee timber and charcoal, the Indigenous Gidgee Cooker will create wood-fired foods on an oven, grill and rotisserie.

Artesian Spa

Filled with infused artesian waters from the Lake Erye Basin, the 12 person Artesian Spa contains relaxing therapeutic properties.

Further information


  • Build new Indigenous tourism experience

  • Create new tour through dinosaur sites

  • Grow local economy by $2.3M+ each year

Last updated: 21 Jul 2020