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Indigenous tourism

High quality, unique Indigenous tourism offerings are essential to attracting visitors to Queensland so we can grow our tourism industry and create more jobs in our regions.

Queensland boasts diverse Indigenous culture from the mainland and the Torres Strait, and one of the largest Indigenous populations in Australia.

This gives us an advantage and unique selling point over other states.

The Queensland Government has an opportunity and responsibility to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in their tourism endeavours, both emerging and already established.

We want to play an active role by putting in place a mandate for change which brings more opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

In this way we are putting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples at the heart of exciting initiatives which tap into our rich natural beauty and the new economy.

It is paramount we establish strong relationships with Indigenous bodies and tourism organisations in order to move forward and make a real difference in this area.

Looking forward, this change will see a mature relationship and deeper respect for culture enabling opportunities through procurement, business and relationships as part of what we do every day.

Our actions

Last updated: 18 Dec 2020