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Ecotourism trails

Ecotourism is a fast-growing industry focused on increasing appreciation and understanding of natural and cultural assets.

The Ecotourism Trails program aims to deliver:

  • significant environmental, social and economic benefits to Traditional Owners, regional communities and to Queensland
  • long term job and business opportunities for Traditional Owners and their future generations
  • enhanced connection to country whilst ensuring the protection and preservation of Land and Country
  • stronger appreciation and understanding of Aboriginal culture
  • innovative tourism offerings to Queensland that capture new market share with potential for thousands of new overnight stays each year (view the Queensland Ecotourism Plan 2016-2020 on  the Department of Environment and Science website).
  • long-term growth and liveability and building community resilience for their respective regional communities
  • new funding sources to preserve, protect and present national parks and their cultural heritage
  • better controls to limit damaging and uncontrolled activities within parks including feral animal management
  • potential to host competitive domestic and international sporting events, such as mountain-biking competitions
  • coordinated state and local resources to key regional community issues, such as tourism infrastructure and water management for example.

View the Queensland Ecotourism Trails.

Last updated: 18 Dec 2020