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Cardwell Tropical Mountain Bike Network

Project overview

The Queensland Government is supporting the Cassowary Coast Regional Council’s investigations into a locally-driven proposal for a new mountain bike trail network in Cardwell, North Queensland.

In 2020, the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport matched Council’s $50,000 contribution for a feasibility study into the proposed Cardwell Tropical Mountain Bike Network. The Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport, the Department of Environment and Science and importantly the local Traditional Owners the Girramay People are represented on the Project Control Group which is overseeing the feasibility study.

Council awarded the contract for these investigations to World Trail and it is expected the feasibility study will be finalised in Q3 2021. The study will have included:

  • engagement and collaboration with key stakeholders including the Girramay People
  • market demand assessments, to see whether Cardwell could create and sustain a mountain biking destination that would attract riders from across the country
  • development of concept designs for up to 94 kilometres of trails, with input from the community and the Girramay People
  • identification of possible environmental and cultural risks and impacts and how these could be mitigated
  • a high level economic and financial analysis to identify the key costs, benefits and potential job creation opportunities.

Stage 1 – Early Works

The Australian Government, through the COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund, has allocated close to $500,000 for the Cardwell Mountain Bike Trail Network Stage 1 – Early Works project. The funding was allocated for sustaining tourism at Australia's iconic World and National Heritage sites and ensuring regional communities can benefit from increased tourism when COVID-19 related travel restrictions have eased.

The Early Works project will create new mountain bike infrastructure in Cardwell such as a trail head, pump track, bike wash, car parking and signage, which will link to the existing informal trails and position Cardwell as a bike-friendly destination.

The Queensland Government will administer the funding and continue to work closely with the Cassowary Coast Regional Council, and the broader Cardwell Mountain Bike Trail Network Project Control Group to ensure collaboration between the two projects.

Last updated: 06 Sep 2021