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Tourism Industry Reference Panel

A unique opportunity to set out the next steps and create a considered, collaborative future for Queensland’s former $25.5 billion tourism industry.

The success of Queensland’s visitor economy plays a key role in the State’s overall economic outlook, and the livelihoods of more than 234,000 Queenslanders who are employed in the tourism industry. The global tourism industry is currently facing unprecedented challenges and uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given the significance of tourism in Queensland, a Tourism Industry Reference Panel has been established.

The panel of three experienced industry experts will review Queensland’s visitor economy, identify opportunities to accelerate the tourism industry’s recovery, and seek input from industry to help shape and deliver long-term success in the sector.

The panel will explore a range of issues, including:

  • changes in consumer demand and emerging market opportunities
  • Queensland’s brand positioning against competitor destinations, as both a State and destination specific brands
  • enablers of tourism growth, including skills, infrastructure and technology
  • re-building airline capacity into Queensland as well as other transport options
  • opportunities for new products and experiences, including shovel ready projects capable of spurring investment, rejuvenation and visitation
  • opportunities for events to drive visitation, including to regional areas and during off-peak periods
  • opportunities for Queensland to increase its share of international education.

View the panel's Terms of Reference (PDF, 196.2KB)

Interim Action Plan for Tourism Recovery

The Tourism Industry Reference Panel has now released an Interim Action Plan for Tourism Recovery (PDF, 4.7MB). The Interim Plan sets out what the Panel has heard in its months of state-wide consultation and outlines a strategic framework for action now and into the longer term.

The Interim Plan is designed to help restart our industry and make the most of the opportunities Queensland has, as a clean and safe destination, and leading to the 2032 Games - and beyond.

The Panel has developed a strategic ‘wheel’ to frame the Interim Plan, the wheel comprises opportunities, enablers and a focus on connecting customers with products.

The Interim Plan includes recommended actions for immediate implementation. The Queensland Government is mobilising to commence this work now.

Developing the Interim Plan is the first phase in the Panel’s work towards delivering a Final Action Plan in early 2022. The Panel will continue to engage with industry to identify and progress actions that will harness the available opportunities and position Queensland’s visitor economy for success after COVID-19.


The Tourism Industry Reference Panel received 73 submissions or survey responses to the discussion paper (PDF, 4.0MB) seeking input into the future of tourism in Queensland.

The Panel thanks those businesses, organisations and individuals who contributed their ideas.

A wide cross section of industry and regions responded to the discussion paper, highlighting opportunities to position Queensland for success and the actions needed to achieve this.

Read about the results of the consultation or view submissions to the discussion paper.

More information

Email for more information about the work of the Panel or Interim Action Plan for Tourism Recovery.


March 2021

Tourism Industry Reference Panel formed

May 2021

Discussion paper released and consultation begins

August 2021

Consultation continues with industry and development of the Interim Action Plan for Tourism Recovery accelerates

October 2021

Interim Action Plan for Tourism Recovery released and implementation of the recommended actions starts

Early 2022

Planned release of the final plan

Last updated: 28 Oct 2021