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Interim Action Plan for Tourism Recovery

Our Interim Action Plan for Tourism Recovery aims to reclaim Queensland’s position as one of the most desired destinations to visit in the world. If we, industry and government, collectively focus on the right opportunities, it is possible for Queensland to offer life changing experiences to visitors.

The Tourism Industry Reference Panel has now released an Interim Action Plan for Tourism Recovery (PDF, 4.7MB). The Interim Plan sets out what the Panel has heard in its months of state-wide consultation and outlines a strategic framework for action now and into the longer term.

The Panel’s consultation process has reiterated that tourism is a top tier sector in the Queensland economy.

The impact of the pandemic has been significant and Queensland’s loss of market-share to southern states, such as Victoria, mean we are starting late in the pack. But we now have the Olympic rings as a new brand platform - a global attention grabber the likes of which marketing money cannot buy.

The Interim Plan is designed to help restart our industry and make the most of the opportunities Queensland has, as a clean and safe destination and leading to the 2032 Games - and beyond.

The Panel has developed a strategic ‘wheel’ to frame the Interim Plan, the wheel comprises opportunities, enablers and a focus on connecting customers with products.

The Interim Plan includes recommended actions for immediate implementation. The Queensland Government is now mobilising to commence this work now.

Developing the Interim Plan is the first phase in the Panel’s work towards delivering a Final Action Plan in early 2022. The Panel will continue to engage with industry to identify and progress actions that will harness the available opportunities and position Queensland’s visitor economy for success after COVID-19.

Last updated: 28 Oct 2021