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Tourism strategy

By working together, we can strengthen Queensland’s position as a world-leading tourism destination and meet the changing demands of our domestic and international tourists

Tourism is vital to Queensland’s economy.

For creating jobs, attracting investment and sustaining communities.

Our tourism industry has a competitive advantage boasting spectacular natural landscapes, the Great Barrier Reef and is home to the world's longest continuing living creatures. As we re-build and reposition our industry for success there is opportunity to capitalise on our unique advantages and strengthen the industry’s long-term sustainability.

We are committed to leveraging the Advance Queensland and Jobs Queensland agendas to develop innovative tourism products and experiences as well as build the tourism workforce and skills needed to meet demand.

Our clear strategic priorities enable us to work with industry to deliver greater investment in new tourism products and infrastructure, as well as jobs and skills now and for the future.

By working together we can strengthen Queensland’s position as a world-leading tourism destination and meet the changing expectations of our domestic and international tourists.

Tourism strategies

We collaborate across industry and government to develop and implement policies and strategies aimed at growing the Queensland’s tourism industry.

Action Plan for Tourism Recovery

While the global tourism industry continues to face challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, Queensland tourism is well positioned to build back better; to be strategic and contemporary; and grow into the future as a market leader and global destination of choice.

In 2021 the Government formed a Tourism Industry Reference Panel of experienced experts to lead the development of an Action Plan for Tourism Recovery, identifying new initiatives and strategies to position Queensland’s tourism industry for success after COVID-19.

The Tourism Industry Reference Panel has released its Action Plan, Towards 2032: Reshaping Queensland’s visitor economy to welcome the world (PDF, 18.1MB) – a plan to deliver uniquely Queensland experiences in step with the needs of visitors, communities and the environment and their wide-ranging recommendations about how to shape the industry’s long‑term success.

The report summarises the Panel’s findings and recommends 75 actions it believes industry and government should implement together.

An Interim Queensland Government Response to Towards 2032 – Action Plan Tourism Recovery (PDF, 313.8KB) has been released alongside the 2022-23 State Budget which includes $66.4 million in tourism measures closely aligned to some of the Panel’s recommendations. In consultation with industry, the Queensland Government is now considering its full response to the Panel’s Action Plan.

See the Tourism Industry Reference panel for more information.

Advancing Tourism 2016-20

Advancing Tourism 2016-20 was the Government’s flagship plan to capitalise on tourism growth in our state, and a framework for building a $28 billion industry, employing one in 11 Queenslanders across 57 000 tourism related businesses.

The Government continues to achieve outcomes under the Advancing Tourism 2016-2020 Strategy, delivering new tourism infrastructure through the $180 million Growing Tourism, Growing Tourism Jobs initiative; projects like the Wangetti Trail under the Queensland Ecotourism Trails program; rejuvenated Great Barrier Reef island resorts; new major events; and worked with the private sector to build a $14 billion tourism investment pipeline.

Read more about the Advancing Tourism 2016-20 Tourism Strategy.

Queensland Ecotourism Plan 2016-2020

Queensland ecotourism experience is unmatched anywhere in the world. The care and sustainability of our natural and cultural assets makes our ecotourism industry strong.

We have an opportunity to build our reputation around the world as a tourism destination focussed on conservation of our diverse landscape, unique natural wonders and significant cultural heritage.

The Queensland Ecotourism Plan 2016–2020 provides a framework for building a thriving ecotourism industry and delivering new ecotourism experiences in Queensland’s national and marine parks and other natural areas.

Read the Queensland Ecotourism Plan 2016–2020.

Queensland Tourism and Transport Strategy

Our government is committed to improving access to Queensland’s world class tourism destinations - enhancing the visitor experience and growing the tourism industry.

We take a holistic view of tourism and transport, placing visitors’ needs front and centre.

The Queensland Tourism and Transport Strategy has a vision to provide an exceptional journey for every visitor.

Developed in partnership with the Department of Transport and Main Roads and informed by consultation with industry, this strategy has four priority themes:

  • Visitor information
  • Transport services
  • Ticketing and products
  • Planning and investment

Read the Queensland Tourism and Transport Strategy (PDF 8.6MB)

Last updated: 16 Jul 2021